HAMMAR Rig Lifter

The HAMMAR Rig Lifter can be equipped with 36-45 tonnes Safe Work Load. It is specifically designed to lift and handle pieces for land based oil and gas drilling rigs, from 1’ to 60’ long and up to 16’ wide. It can lift masts and other parts that are longer than 60’ and transfer them to other trailers.

The HAMMAR Rig Lifter can either be equipped with the HAMMAR 151 or 155 cranes. The 151 is the strongest and a bit more flexible, and enables the Rig Lifter to carry the extra heavy loads. The 155 is the overleg version, where the support legs extends like a bridge. This enables the HAMMAR 155 to transfer loads more quickly without touching the companion chassis, while giving extra stability.

Both models can be equipped with an extendable/retractable telescopic chassis, allowing the HAMMAR to become significantly longer and shorter than the standard sideloaders. The Rig Lifter is also often equipped with extendable cranes, allowing it to handle extra wide loads and load/unload them further away from the HAMMAR trailer.

This unique HAMMAR removes the need for mobile cranes and rig trucks and can be legally towed on the road while carrying a load itself. The HAMMAR Rig Lifter is a safe and very cost effective solution, with a capacity equivalent to a 150 Tonne meter crane.