The HAMMAR Safety+ is an advanced safety monitoring system, built with a central PLC system that guarantees safe lifting. The mass of the load and the load position is continuously monitored in relation to the sideloader trailer and the sideloader support legs positions, preventing the sideloader from entering a lift position, which may put man and machine in danger.

If the load enters an area where danger can occur, the operator is only allowed to bring the load back into a safe operating position.

The HAMMAR Safety + system is equipped with a display on which a number of variables are shown. The operator can continuously monitor the mass of the load, the load distribution between the cranes and the position of the load and support legs. On the display the operator can also see total work hours, total number of lifts and the present system voltage. HAMMAR Safety+ allows the crane arms to be operated before placing the support legs on the ground, thereby giving easy access to connecting the hooks to the container corner castings.